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Personal Update

We have been consistantly getting two eggs per day out of the ducks now (have not yet checked this morning).  We hung a light in the duck coop on Saturday that we turn on when we put the ducks away in the evening, and turn off at 9:00pm to encourage more egg production. 
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We were up to 10 eggs in the fridge on Sunday, so I made 3 into deviled eggs, and we had six for lunch (I left an extra in case hubby broke one while cooking).  Just about everything I read said that duck eggs basically weren't good (the yoke is gross, the whites are rubbery, etc.).  After I made the deviled eggs, I gave one to my daughter, not telling her it was from a duck...and she couldn't tell the difference.  The yoke was a little different, but if I didn't know, I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't chicken.  Hubby cooked them sunny-side-up for lunch...in comparison to a chicken egg, the whites tasted a little different, and the yokes were a little muted...If I hadn't known, I wouldn't have noticed I don't think.

We almost got two bottle lambs on Saturday; we were planning on waiting until late February-early March to get a lamb, but I found two on Craig's List, but I did the math, and it would be cheaper to get them at the livestock auction...so I guess they will wait.

This morning, I went to take the dogs out, and when I turned the porch light on, the inverter started squealing at me...basically no battery charge.  It has been cloudy here the past few days, and apparently the solar panels haven't been keeping up...Dern it.
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