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self_sustain's Journal

Self Reliant Living Tips and Tricks
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Self-reliance and sustainability tips, discussions, and recipes
I have created this community in order to have a "safe haven" for people looking to get away from having to shop constantly at Wal-Mart, save money, and be "greener." I personally am not a "tree hugger", however, a lot of things that I do could be interpreted as tree-hugging as a side effect, just because I want to save money and be more self-reliant.

About me: My husband and I are self-employed, consulting for manufacturing companies primarily, and we homeschool our daughter (because the local school district sucks, not for religious reasons). I'm not an extremist, and I'm not judgemental. Anyone joining this community is not to be judgemental, either. We're here to swap recipes, ideas, and life experiences...not attack each other.

My husband and I have been on a money-saving kick for about four years now, and I recently quit my regular 9-5 job since he was getting busy with the consulting and needed some assistance, so it gives me more time to be able to come up with ways to be more thrifty.

This group is open to anyone who wants to join, however, postings will be monitored and if anyone gets out of line, they are out.