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Making a resolution

Since I've been on this self-sufficiency kick, and getting my bills lower at the same time, I have been finding ways to cut out some of my "junk" bills.  Internet?  Have to keep it since  I work primarily from home and the vast majority of my communications are through email.  Have to keep all three phone lines (regular phone, internet phone, and fax line)...I write those off on taxes, anyway.  Have to keep the cell phone for the same reason.
Which brought me to my garbage bill.  I think that if I give myself two months to adjust, I should be able to completely get rid of it...It's only $12/month, but I think I can get rid of it.  Over the weekend, I tried to mentally keep track of everything that went into the garbage...most of it was paper (shred and put into compost).  For plastics or metal, there is a recycling station in town that is free to use.  The only thing I really had to think on was bones (gotta have my steak).  I do have a very strong grinder out in the garage...and my husband said there is no reason why we wouldn't be able to hammer the bones into smaller chunks to feed into the grinder, then just put it in the driveway (gravel).  I will be posting my progress periodically.  The goal is to completely get rid of my garbage service within two months.
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