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My husband and I have kept chickens over the last several years of various breeds. The flock is down to two boys now (we placed a bunch and also had a bad run-in with an irresponsible neighbors dog) Rambo is a silver laced Sebright that came to us when someone found him starving in a ditch. He has a crooked beak, the other boy is the "baby" but around 6-7 months old. He was the last of the offspring. He's at a good age to butcher and I very much want to overcome my issues with this and learn the skill. I was thinking to ask someone in my area that does it for themselves if I could bring him over and do it with them on their property; so they could teach me and I can overcome my issues of not doing it at home since my yard is pretty much on full display to the town.

THEN - I would really like to start over with a new flock. They live in a little two-story children's playhouse. Next time I want to make a large run that comes off of one of their windows. The door would be for us to go in and out. I'd like to go back to bantams only so the flock could be a bit larger for the space we have (I'd say no more then ten though) Would love a heritage/rare breed, but also one that is dual purpose. Obviously a bantam won't produce the same volume of eggs and meat, but that's okay. It's just the two of us. Plus we may never get ourselves to butcher; but I think we should. Silkies appeal to me; calm, easy, they don't seem to feel the need to wander really, really far, they're broody so if we wanted/needed to breed them it should be easy. But, they are not a heritage breed.


EDIT - I have been in contact with the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory, they are even based in NC (where I live) She suggested Nankins and knows of a flock a couple of hours away that may need a new home. They are an ancient breed, status is critical which is the highest status of endangerment, tame/docile personality, broody, larger eggs. I think it sounds perfect :)

By the way - I love your idea for this community. Very nice; appeals to me very much!
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