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A freebie...

A few weeks ago, I posted in my personal journal about having to go to my insurance company to get refunded for a towing expense (I know what you're thinking...damn women drivers...BUT my husband was driving, so, damn male drivers).  Anyway, my insurance agent loves talking about his personal life, which I don't much care for, but I don't have to deal with him too much.  He started talking about how he has a lot of sheep that are lambing (as most are this time of year), and that he had some triplets, and he typically gets rid of one of the triplets so that he doesn't have to bottle feed it.  I started talking to him more about this, and asked if I could buy one or two off of him, so he said the next one he has he'll give us a call.

Yesterday, he called.  We met him at his barn yesterday afternoon, where he had at least 150 head of sheep.  We followed him through the office area into where he had the lambing ewes, and he entered one of the cages, grabbed one of the new born lambs and gave it to us...I asked how much he wanted, to which he replied "Uhm...how about nothing?"  Free!  Granted, we have the cost and time of bottle-feeding it, but $50 in milk replacement is better than $130 for a yearling.  He also said that if he has any more that will need to be bottle fed, he will keep us in mind, one thing he did mention was possibly in the future, he could give us two bottle lambs, and we could raise them both until they are weaned, then give one back, which would work out for all of us.
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