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Random update...

Lamb Chop has been doing well...the first few days we had her, she drank about 1 oz. per hour.  Today, she's up to about two oz./hour.  We have been having a nice warm snap, so she has been spending daylight hours outside with the goats and ducks, but we've still been bringing her in at night.  Pumpkin (pregnant goat) has been quite edgy the past few days, ramming the other two goats (Lucky and Billie), and I've caught her (lightly) ramming Lamb Chop. 

I ordered five Khaki Campbell ducks as well as a few chickens and a white turkey from a somewhat-local hatchery; they should be ready for pick-up around the first of March.  The black ducks that we have don't seem to be producing, at least they don't have the bulging back end like the Rouens do.  We have consistently been getting five eggs per day the past few days. 

We bought a cheap pup-tent as a temporary shelter for when the chickens and turkey are feathered out enough to go outside.  They will be butchered when they are big enough, so we didn't feel as though it would be necessary to build another permanent structure.  The plan is to get at least three different batches of chickens--get a new batch when the first batch gets butchered, or slightly before.  This should be able to give us quite a bit of chicken in the freezer.

My goal was to have my tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and beans started indoors on the first of February.  Wal-Mart has not gotten their displays up yet, so I broke down and ordered from Burpee's (coupon code BX53 is good for $5 off a $30 order...use your Burpee's card to get free shipping).  By the end of the month, I hope to have the frames for the new gardens built, although weather pending, this may wait until the first week of March.  Aside from potatoes, I ordered everything that I planned to plant:

Onion sets
Peaches 'n Cream sweet corn
Green beans
Two types of lettuce
Two types of tomatoes (one early variety, one long-storage variety)
Hot peppers
Brussel Sprouts

I also saved back some butternut squash and pie pumpkin seeds from last fall.  What's everyone elses gardens going to consist of this year?
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You are aware that Burpee (and most brands carried at places such as Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot etc) are owned by Monsanto. Therefore while it is great you are growing your own food.. you are also growing GMO food without knowing it.

There are quite a few places online that sell Heirloom and non GMO seeds..

(just my two cents)
I know, I've just always had better luck with Burpee seeds. Although I try to garden as organically as possible, results and cost-effectivenss have some weight.