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I meant to post this entry to this community yesterday, but forgot. So, here it is pasted with a couple of replies...

This entry is mostly directed to kai_schwandes since we are in the same state and this goes along with his business I think, but replies from anyone would be most welcome!

There are three plants we'd like for our yard that are native to this region.

1 - Morus alba pendula. We've been trying for one of these for a few years. The regular variety is abundant and does great but the weeping variety has its appeal.

2 - pawpaw.

3 - maypop.

Are you able to get any of these? If so, I'd love to know. Would be a good reason to get up to Asheville sooner then planned! And if you feel like recommending anything, feel free! Low maintenance, food bearing plants are desired.

Reply from Kai:

Morus Alba 'NUCLEAR BLAST' #3 container currently @ $ 28.00 (i would have to order)

Pawpaw: you are talking about Asimina triloba?

Maypop: you are talking about Passiflora incarnata?

what is your plant zone? soil conditions? water conditions? shade/sun?

thanks Kai

Reply from me:

Yes and yes! I couldn't remember the Latin names for those two earlier. Greg is really the plant person in this house, I'll ask him to answer the other questions later on. I hear the lawn mower running right now, I just awoke from a nap!

Reply from me:
Let's see, we aren't interested in the nuclear blast variety. Just the pendula, it's the fruit I'm after and the look that Greg likes. Otherwise, we'll probably do cuttings from the regular ones in the neighborhood.

We are in Zone 8

Soil is dark dirt. Can't figure out how else to explain it, but it is very good, organic, healthy soil. We have areas of full sun, partial sun/shade and a couple of areas of mostly shade. We have a very deep outlet ditch that always has water in it. Ground retains water well, but not excessively.

Don't knock yourself out over it though!
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