Regina Terrae (reginaterrae) wrote in self_sustain,
Regina Terrae

This is not the fun part.

I am procrastinating ... I need to "process" two chickens today.  Does anybody else find that euphemism kind of offensive?  It's just too far from the reality of shoving them head-first in a cone, cutting their little warm throats, plucking and eviscerating them.  Sorry, but it's just ...  part of the point of raising my own is the honesty of looking my meat supply in the face and acknowledging that they are killed for me to eat.  "Processing" is the opposite, it's maintaining the lie that the chicken in the fridge is unrelated to the chicken in the yard.

These two are being culled ... they weren't actually raised for meat, primarily.  One is a 2-year-old hen who has gone a little nuts.  Last year she was broody off and on, this year she won't leave the nest box (or lay any eggs!) for like, the past 2.5 months.  The other is a 1-year-old rooster.  I had planned to keep him, thinking he's a prize because he's never been aggressive to humans.  But the only other full-grown hen, a sweet 3-year-old Polish, turned up dead yesterday.  I found her with her foot caught in a string, she probably died of panic when she couldn't get free, and the danged rooster probably added to the stress by being his over-sexed self and she couldn't get away from him.  That leaves four 10-week-old pullets, one of which is a tiny little banty, I can't let them and the rooster out in the yard at the same time because he won't leave them alone.  It's going to be another month or more before I could put them together, and he still might hurt the littlest one even at her full size.  No, the rooster with just one un-receptive overly broody hen to play with will be a basket case.  So, he and the broody are going to the freezer and the pullets can move into the main coop.


Well, I guess I'd better get started.  :(
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